Monty Roberts

“We are experiencing very positive results when it comes to comfort for the horse, both for general purpose riders and from Show Jumping too. Evidence is showing us the horses known for expressing discomfort from many attempts to have saddle fitters find the right formula, are benefiting from this saddle. The Butterfly Saddle seems to be the answer to find the right fit, day after day, season after season.”
- Monty Roberts

The Monty Roberts Signature Saddle by Butterfly meets the requirements of the modern rider. Due to its design details it is also perfect for the education and training of young horses.
Complete set of front and side rings for saddle bags, sandwich cases etc. lets you carry everything you need for trail rides.  The Monty Roberts Saddle is ideal for riders who want a saddle for trail riding, small jumps and dressage.  By simply changing the Velcro® mounted knee blocks you can customize the saddle to your preference in under a minute.  

Butterfly® saddles use a reinforcing bar at the front which do not exert pressure on the withers.  The flexibility of the saddle tree's system makes possible to saddle almost every kind of horse’s, differences in shape get compensated by the flexibility.

Flocking adjustments are no longer necessary. The system offers comfortable freedom for shoulder and withers and prevents from painful pressure points at the thoracic trapezius. The rider enjoys a "Close-Contact-Seat".  The movable hinges of the saddle tree in the area of ​​shoulder and withers allow adaptation of the saddle to every movement of the horse.

The girth straps can be changed such that either short or long straps can be used. The stirrup leathers can pass over or under the saddle flap. Making it comfortable even with short boots!  The freedom panels are made of natural latex that matches the density of animal muscle to help your horse develop muscles naturally.


    • Sizes of seat: 17", 18"
    • Saddle Tree: Pegasus® Butterfly
    • Saddle Flaps: unlined
    • Billets: made of highly tear-resistant LEMICO®
    • Seat: semideep
    • Cantle with Monty Roberts Butterfly Logo
    • Saddle Colors: Black with blue trim
    • Material: vegetable tanned, South German saddle leather; colored pure aniline dyes
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    • We are taking U.S. orders only at this time.


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