Monty Roberts

“Create a path, and watch him learn to partner with our kind. Be fair, and his trust you’ll earn be gentle, and a friend you’ll find.”
- Monty Roberts

The From My Hands to Yours Package: Monty’s signed textbook, From My Hands to Yours: lessons from a lifetime of training championship horses, with its Matching Charm of the cover.

NEW! This is the definitive guide to violence-free training and Monty’s only textbook, now in its 3rd Edition. Recognized globally as the Man Who Listens to Horses and credited with revolutionizing the way in which we partner with and train our horses, Monty Roberts is still traveling the globe to share his message that choice over force is a better way to be with horses. The book and charm will be appreciated for the depth of detail and message of gentleness as strength.

From My Hands To Yours shares Monty's Join-Up® horse training methods with you, both on the ground and under saddle. You'll learn to work with your horse's remedial behavior such as:
  • Biting
  • Bucking
  • Loading
  • Baulking
  • Pulling back
  • Crossing Water
  • Spooky
  • Head Shy
  • Kicking
  • And more!

Basic movements such as stopping, turning, lead change, disunited, and cross lead are also included. Monty's methods are meticulously described so you can apply his hard earned knowledge to your own training experiences.

This Charmed Book depicts "'From My Hands to Yours" by Monty Roberts, and features a mini replication of the third edition dust jacket. Inside, the quote reads "Create a path, and watch him learn to partner with our kind. Be fair, and his trust you’ll earn be gentle, and a friend you’ll find." 

Each charm is hand crafted using materials made in the USA. They are made from sturdy brass, texturized paper to replicate early book bindings, and weather-proofed images. They measure 1 inch long and 5/8 inches high, and are perfect as pendants or additions to charm bracelets.

How do I care for my charm?
  • The best way to care for your charm is to keep it enclosed in a jewelry box or the box it comes in when not in use.
  • Give it a wipe down every so often with a soft cloth to remove any body oils that may build up. A soft jewelry polishing cloth can brighten the brass as well.

Please note, the charms are weatherproof, but not waterproof. They are made of canvas paper, and though sprayed with a coating to protect it from sun, rain, and general wear, won't survive a shower or a swim. They're more of an artistic piece of jewelry than than the type of jewelry you never take off. :)

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