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IMTCA Facility Event - Mark & Lee Bolender 

“My training goal is to create a partnership with the horse where mutual trust and respect is established and the horse volunteers to learn and perform in a safe manner.”
- Mark Bolender

Mark Bolender: The nation’s leading horse expert in Mountain Trail. He is a three-time National Champion. 

Course: Designed by Mark Bolender / Built by Mark Bolender / Arena Course

Course Terrain 3D Footing: aggregate/sand

Mark actively promotes his training philosophy centered on using the natural instincts of the horse during the training process. Mark says that activating key instincts in the horse combined with good horsemanship results in real equine magic.

We accomplish this goal by understanding the horse’s world and the four Principles they operate under. Those principles form the core of my training philosophy.

Principle 1: In A Horse’s World There Is A Definite Pecking Order; No Two Animals Are On Equal Footing.

Principle 2: The Horse Is A Natural Born Follower But Only To A Clear And Consistent Leader.

Principle 3: The Horse Tries To Please Those Horses They Deem Superior To Them.

Principle 4: Instinct Drives Principles 1-3.

To see Mark with a Mountain Trail horse truly is a magical experience.

      Can I bring my horse to the event

      Yes, we do have the option to Haul In.  Stall Board & Shavings will be provided, however owner must provide feed.  Please select the Haul In option during checkout.  

      What if I don’t have a horse or can’t bring my horse?

      You can book one of our horses from the Monty Roberts Mustang & Transition Horse Program for the event.  Please select the Facility provided Horse option during checkout.

      What do I need to bring for the event?


      12-14' Lead Line: If needed, we do have a 12' Lead Line available onsite for purchase

      Horse Leg Protection

      Helmet (Recommended)

      What if I fall in love with one of the horses from the Monty Roberts Mustang & Transition Horse Program?

      We get it, it happens to us all the time! All horses from the program are available for adoption.

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