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“I had a lovely, intense, and incredibly motivating time here at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center. It was great to learn and get a further step towards the future. Thank you so much!”
- Kira S. from Spain

Prerequisite: to attend the Advanced Course you must be a graduate of the Introductory Course.

The Advanced Course offers students the opportunity to extend their knowledge to training both un-started and untouched horses. This course is the next step on the pathway towards becoming a qualified Instructor and to attend the Advanced Course you must be a graduate of the Introductory Course.

You will be given the tools to expand your knowledge and overall experience in Monty’s concepts. The emphasis here is on practical work and the goal is to develop in you the mindset of a horse trainer. You will gentle wild or untouched horses, introducing them to being handled, haltered and led.

Another group of horses will go through the starting process: initial trust building and desensitizing, followed by introducing the tack and long-lining. Throughout you will be encouraged to read each horse and respond appropriately, adjusting your approach for each individual and dealing with problems as they arise.

Following the initial three-week class, you will return home to practice and continue to learn via video feedback. When ready, you may return for an intense two weeks of written and practical exams, at the successful completion of which you will graduate from the Advanced Course.

Once you have placed the order for your space in the upcoming course, our Monty Roberts Certified Instructors will contact you to confirm receiving the order and also answer any questions you may have regarding participation.  We will also provide additional enrollment paperwork which will need to be filled out and submitted prior to attending.  

While accommodations are not provided onsite, we do have connections with many local area hotels in Solvang, and Buellton.  Please review our Transportation and Accommodation worksheet found here.

Included in the course is a subscription to Monty's Equus Online University. This online learning tool will support your continuing education in Monty's methods.  If you are currently an Equus Online University member, we will extend your subscription at the end of the course.  Please note, courses are not eligible for the Equus Online University Discount.

If you have additional questions, please contact:

Join-Up International
Post Office Box 246
Solvang, CA 93464
Phone: 805-688-3483
Fax: 805-688-9709

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