Join-Up International

“Learn to live by the principles of PICNIC: positive instant consequences and negative instant consequences, as taught to me by Dr. William Miller, founder of Motivational Interviewing.”
- Monty Roberts

This 2-day program Monday, July 9th through Tuesday, July 10th will introduce participants to the basic concepts of Motivational Interviewing, a client-centered method of working with others to help them resolve ambivalence about behavior change.

Motivational Interviewing closely parallels the work of renowned horseman, Monty Roberts whose non-violent approaches to working with horses and people has reached around the globe. M.I. is regularly used in Monty Roberts' Horse Sense & Healing program which rests upon a foundation of equine-assisted learning.

Key Learning Points:

  • Non-violent approach to working with the horses & people
  • The language of ‘Equus’
  • Building a trust-based partnership
  • a Monty Roberts' provided Join-Up Demonstration
Meet the Instructor: Kris Robbins


Kris Robins has been participating in programs that pair horses with men and women who are experiencing post traumatic stress injuries since 2012. She has been volunteering in Monty Roberts’ Horse Sense and Healing Program and has had the pleasure of assisting Monty with the development of the program’s guidebook as well as doing numerous training events for the Certified Instructors and staff. Kris is an organizational development trainer and consultant in private practice. She teaches for a variety of Colleges and Universities and has invited many senior leaders & employees to study advanced leadership principles while working in the round pen with equine instructors. 

Please note, courses are not eligible for the Equus Online University Discount


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