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“I witnessed something so beautiful and amazing that words cannot express. You have to see it with your own eyes. A tiny voice in my head said." I want to be like that!" Wisdom, patience, love, compassion all these things that a human heart was meant to express. I learned something from Mr. Roberts, "I do what I do to broaden the base of my knowledge and understanding, to help others surpass the success I've achieved."
- Jorge
"I have witnessed the positive effects of the environment Monty has created on everyone that was present.  People were laughing, crying, bonding, and healing.  There is something very special going on at Flag Is Up Farms.
- Scott

Monty Roberts and his non-profit Join-Up® International, is running free, resilience-building workshops for veterans, police, fire, first responders and their families. 

In these workshops, he demonstrates the deeply healing power of establishing a trusting relationship with horses without the use of force. With his soft-spoken, nurturing style, Roberts assists participants as they learn to cause a partnership with the horse. After three transformational days, they can better understand how to control their anger, confront painful memories, cope with real-life situations and move on with their lives and relationships.

Why Horses?
  • Horses are always "on guard" as they are prey animals and ready to flee or react at all times... similar to persons suffering from post-traumatic stress
  • Bonding with the horse promotes safety, patience and loving feelings which are critical to recovering from post-traumatic stress injury.

Join-Up® International is a 501c3 Non-Profit, Tax ID #77-0459889 with a Gold Rating by Guidestar.

Help Support:
  • Lodging is provided to Participants and their Supporters for 3 Days
  • Breakfast and Lunch each day
  • Sponsor Travel Costs if needed

Please add this item to your cart to donate to the Horse Sense & Healing program.  Any amount would be appreciated and the donation may be made anonymously, or in your name.  

If you have additional questions, or would like to recommend someone for the program, please contact:

Join-Up International
Post Office Box 246
Solvang, CA 93464
Phone: 805-688-3483
Fax: 805-688-9709

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