Monty Roberts

“A good horse trainer can get a horse to do what he wants him to do. A great trainer can get a horse to want to do it.”
- Monty Roberts

Coaching from Monty

Monty Roberts is the creator of the world-renowned and revolutionary equine training technique called Join-Up®. Monty travels the world demonstrating that non-violent, gentle, training creates breakthrough performance as you partner with your horse. Monty won nine world's championships in the show ring and trained champions the world over. Monty's goal is to leave the world a better place for horses and for people too.

Horse & Hound Magazine named Monty as one of the all-time 50 greatest horsemen. If you want to consult with the legendary Monty Roberts, add this service to your shopping cart and we will call to set up an appointment with you and Monty. 

With your purchase of Monty’s personal coaching package, you can send video ahead, if you like. Purchase here and send an email to admin@montyroberts.com with a link to your YouTube video. We will share that with Monty who can watch you working with your horse and then set up a visit by phone to create a pathway for you to continue your journey. Just a phone call is fine too, videos are not required. It’s that easy!  

The Movement 2018 Symposium
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This transformative two day journey helped attendees discover the unique power of horses to find mindfulness, to learn and apply non-violent forms of communication and leadership and to help humans and horses live better lives. 

In the arena, presenters and trainers shared their perspectives of the flight animal and how their vocations were changed when they were able to use horses as a metaphor for a better understanding of their work and relationships.

Monty Roberts was deeply impressed with this extraordinary group of presenters who will move you with their stories and lessons of horses transforming humans.

The Journey

We set out to discover the unique power of horses to teach us to be present, to trust and to learn and apply non-violent forms of leadership to help humans and horses live a better life. Presenters shared their unique perspectives on the flight animal and how their vocations were changed when they were able to use horses as a metaphor for a better understanding of their work and relationships. Monty Roberts, with an extraordinary list of presenters, moved us with their stories of horses transforming humans. 

A movement starts with a clear vision of a world different than the one we live in today. These presenters all have a vision of a better world, inspired by incorporating horses in their own story. They shared that vision in order to send home a plan to change or improve your life, too. Leaders may inspire, but only when you choose to act does a vision become a movement.

  • Monty Roberts, horse trainer, Join-Up concept founder 
  • Pat Roberts, artist and horsewoman
  • Christie Schulte Kappert, Program Officer for the Right Horse Initiative 
  • William Miller Ph.D., Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, The University of New Mexico
  • Dr. Terri Moyers, Agility Dog Trainer and Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of New Mexico
  • Dr. Kris Robins, CSW and Member, Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, volunteered to help create our HS&H manual
  • Eduardo Moreira, Brazilian banker, bestselling author, inspirational speaker and trainer
  • Dr. Michael Norwood, author of the bestselling Wealthy Soul book series

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Running time: 429 minutes

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