Monty Roberts

“My greatest power was learning to be gentle.”
- Monty Roberts

Your party will be welcomed to beautiful Flag Is Up Farms home of one of Horse & Hound's "Greatest Horsemen of All Time", and New York Time Best-Seller Monty Roberts and artist Pat Roberts.  

Wednesday, May 23rd - Thursday, May 24th 9:00am - 4:00pm Each Day 
*****Reduced pricing for a limited time*****

Join us on this two-day journey discovering the unique power of horses to teach us to be present, to trust and to learn and apply non-violent forms of leadership to help humans and horses live a better life. Presenters in the arena and in the classroom will share their unique perspectives of the flight animal and how their vocations were changed when they were able to use horses as a metaphor for a better understanding of their work and relationships. Monty Roberts, with an extraordinary list of presenters, will move you with their stories of horses transforming humans. 

Our Mission

To take as many humans as possible on a journey to discover the unique power of horses. To find mindfulness, to learn and apply non-violent forms of communication and leadership and to help humans and horses live a better life. 

  • Monty Roberts - horse trainer, Join-Up concept founder 
  • Pat Roberts - artist and horsewoman 
  • Certified Instructors from all over the World
  • Presenters Announced Starting February

Limited to 300 guests and set in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley at Monty and Pat Roberts’, with like minded people who enjoy learning from horses.   


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