Monty Roberts

“My goal is to leave, the world a better place for horses and for people, too.”
- Monty Roberts

NEW! Inspired by Monty Roberts’ famous American Mustang, Shy Boy's story is immortalized on this matching charm with the image of I’m Shy Boy, the book for horse lovers, young and old. Adopted from the BLM by Monty, Shy Boy helped raise awareness of the treasure this breed is in American history. Monty shares the story of his Join-Up with Shy Boy in the wild and their adventures as they enjoy a special bond. 

  • Beautifully illustrated, his tale is a compelling read for people of all ages.

Shy Boy’s life begins in the Nevada mountains, where he is born into a herd of wild American mustangs. Seeing the world through his eyes, you experience his first encounter with the humans who capture him from the wild as a three-year-old stallion. His surprise at meeting Monty, a man who moves and speaks like a horse, develops into a bond of trust that will last a lifetime.

Shy Boy takes us on a unique journey through the mind of the horse, encountering obstacles, challenges and rewarding experiences. His confident yet questioning nature makes him a natural storyteller as he recounts the amazing journey life has taken him on.

An utterly unique and uplifting adventure story, you will find yourself falling in love with this horse and his message. 

Each charm is hand crafted using materials made in the USA. They are made from sturdy brass, texturized paper to replicate early book bindings, and weather-proofed images. They measure 1 inch long and 5/8 inches high, and are perfect as pendants or additions to charm bracelets. How do I care for my charm?

  • The best way to care for your charm is to keep it enclosed in a jewelry box or the box it comes in when not in use.
  • Give it a wipe down every so often with a soft cloth to remove any body oils that may build up. A soft jewelry polishing cloth can brighten the brass as well.

Please note, the charms are weatherproof, but not waterproof. They are made of canvas paper, and though sprayed with a coating to protect it from sun, rain, and general wear, won't survive a shower or a swim. They're more of an artistic piece of jewelry than than the type of jewelry you never take off. :)



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