PRIVATE 1 ON 1 SESSIONS: Helena Harris

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Private Sessions- Helena Harris

Helena Harris: One of two co-founders of the Horse Radio Network. She is also the host of the popular Stall and Stable podcast.

Topics: Advice for Barn or Advice for Business

As Managing Director of the Stall and Stable consulting firm, Helena Harris brings over 25 years of horse experience and business expertise to the equestrian community. Whether horses are your profession or your passion, Helena can ease your stress and help you create a more balanced life with horses. 

For Horse Professionals If you run a boarding or training business, ride professionally, teach, or provide services like hoof care or body work: Helena's mission is to support you as an equine entrepreneur and empower you with business coaching and tools that improve your profitability and work-life balance.

For Private Barn Owners If you’re building a new barn, upgrading an existing one, or bringing your horses home for the first time, Helena can help make horse keeping easier, safer, and more enjoyable for you. 

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