Monty Roberts

“The Movement may be the most important event we have ever done. It is a search for all those things my discoveries have brought in terms of non-violent training of animals and people too." - Monty Roberts

Wear and declare a symbol of your passion for better relationships with horses and with people too! Whether or not you attended The Movement 2018, collect the inaugural enamel pin memorabilia about the transformative nature of horses on people.

Show others that you are passionate about horses and advocate for keeping them in our lives. Learn more about the life changing event here:  www.TheMovement2018.com

  • Soft Enamel on Metal Plating
  • Size: 1.5"
  • Attachments: Black Clutch

    Please do not use Silver Polish or Abrasives to clean, rather please use a mild Dish Soap and warm water.


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