Join-Up® is that magical moment when a horse chooses to be with you instead of away from you.

Monty Roberts’ horse training DVDs cover a range of Natural Horsemanship video subjects on DVD that are fundamental to working with Equus. These DVDs show how to Join-Up with a horse to overcome training and riding challenges and achieve breakthrough results. Our foundational video JOIN-UP® is the place to learn why horse trainers and equestrians the world over seek the horse training tips, DVDs and books of Monty Roberts, The Man Who Listens to Horses, whose horse whisperering gifts show healthy ways to train a Willing Partner™. Monty’s Shy Boy DVD was the original mustang makeover. His Dually Halter DVD is included in every horse training video as it is equipment and tack that can be used as a bit-less bridle.  

Our DVDs are Region 0.  Region 0 (or "region free") discs are compatible with DVD players from the whole world, depending on relevant hardware.