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A Boy, A Horse, A Profound Adventure. I’ve always loved horses, and have felt honored to keep company with all the precious animals that co exist with me in the World. I see them as equals, and to be treated in a respectful manner. It’s clear Monty Roberts thinks the same way. I read his book years ago, and thought the two young women I sent his book to recently would gain important insight by reading and learning about the gift he’s shared with us all!

I loved every minute of it! Going through the Monty Roberts Introductory Classes was a dream come true. I learned so much about myself and horses. Simon d'Unienville our instructor was so supportive and Monty showed up almost daily with guidance and hands on training too. I plan on passing the Intro exams and going on to the advance classes. Thanks to Monty, Pat, Simon, Yvette, Debbie, Adam, and all the other students that I met in the classes. A special shout-out to Hollister and Claudia also for being our student instructors.

Most awesome training equipment! Absolutely love the Dually halter. This is for my son’s 1 year old colt. Only used it about 5 or 6 times and he has progressed so much it is unbelievable. This halter is an indispensable tool for violence free training!

The Miracle of Join Up. I watched this video 20 years ago when I purchased my first horse and it was a valuable training tool. It has been over 6 years since I've owned a horse and I bought the DVD to refresh my memory of the Join Up process and to educate my new husband. We love this way of training horses - it's so effective and creates a bond like no other. Thank you.


I feel very blessed to be a part of Join Up. I join up with my horses and others as well and it’s an experience that is very humbling. To read these horses in their own language caused me to believe that we should pursue a relationship with equal respect towards our needs. Our world is too fast and very few people will choose to slow down and listen I can’t wait for July 6th to arrive.

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