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“A good trainer can hear a horse speak to him. A great trainer can hear the horse whisper.”
- Monty Roberts

Did you know? Single Line Longeing damages your horse's ligaments, tendons and muscle. It causes your horse to curve his spine away from the direction of travel, schooling him to become hollow and crooked. Your horse will tend to disunite-one lead in front and the opposite behind-throwing you out of balance and ruining an event, competition or ride-out.

Solve this crisis: discover Monty Roberts' long-lining techniques and trigger radical improvements in your horse.

  • He will carry himself more naturally;
  • Work off the bit from the ground,
  • Perfect transitions,
  • Improve his paces and muscle tone,
  • Develop competition perfect symmetry and shape.

School your horse to perform with athleticism, improve overall fitness, responsiveness and accuracy. Above all, discover how it feels to ride a happy, well balanced horse who is empowered to move with natural grace, shape and rhythm. School the Monty way: Double Long-Lining.

  • Our DVDs are Region 0.  They work everywhere.

Perfect companion piece for Long Lines

Running time: 70 minutes