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“If you love your horse like I do, you want to do everything you can to care for him.  I’ve learned a great deal about how horses are prone to digestive problems, not just in the stomach, but in the colon too.”
- Monty Roberts

It works naturally, to keep your horses digestive health in optimal condition, even when we're Succeedeeding grain, keeping them in stalls and doing all the things that are unnatural. SUCCEED addresses the entire digestive health, because the hind gut of the horse is as important as the stomach - many horses have ulcers in the colon as well as in the stomach.  Because digestive health means whole health - and that means everything. SUCCEED means a healthier, happier horse. And that could be your horse too.

You see, how we care for our horses naturally leads to these problems. Unless your horse is outside grazing all the time, we’ve taken him out of his natural environment. We can stop feeding so much grain if the horse digests better.

SUCCEED is a natural way to help keep your horse’s stomach and colon functioning the way it should. I’ve personally worked with the scientists at Freedom Health to develop a special version of SUCCEED just for leisure horses. It’s a lower dosage than the regular SUCCEED, just right for horses kept for pleasure, but needing the same kind of special care as performance horses.

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