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“A good horse trainer can make a horse to do what he wants him to do. A great trainer can cause a horse to want to do it.”
- Monty Roberts

Personal Coaching, from Monty, for you and your horse

Perhaps you have seen Monty demonstrate live, or watched a video of his work, during these past 30 years of touring the world. He credits Queen Elizabeth II for encouraging him in 1989 to travel the world sharing his experience and knowledge of training and partnering with horses across disciplines. 

Horse & Hound Magazine named Monty Roberts as one of the all-time 50 greatest horsemen. He believes in non-violent, gentle, training methods. Monty won eleven world's championships in the show ring and trained champions the world over. 

If you ask Monty Roberts how old he was when he got started in the horse business, he will smile and tell you that he didn’t get into the business until he was 3 or 4, as before that he was busy learning to walk, talk and ride a horse. He has stayed true to his vision for eight decades since discovering that horses respond better when they trust you, then when you cause them pain. At 85, Monty is still loving to learn and he wants to share that wealth of experience with you, across all disciplines and breeds. 

If you would like to consult with the legendary Monty Roberts, or would like to know more about how he can help, call us at 805-688-6288 or add this service to your shopping cart and we will call to set up an appointment for you with Monty. 

Whether live via an online chat, with a horse or without, or a phone call, Monty enjoys helping people who are seeking to overcome hurdles with their horses or create better sessions with them. Phone calls are fine too, videos are not required. Everyone’s internet speed is different. For all details plus how to upload a 3-5 minute video, send some photos or questions through ahead, call 805-688-6288 or write 

Monty is booking 30 minute and 60 minute coaching sessions for you. 

Possible subjects to cover:

GROUND WORK, foundational, advanced and remedial

  • Why is your horse mis-behaving
  • Forming a better partnership with a horse
  • A well behaved horse is loved forever 

RIDDEN WORK, foundational, advanced, discipline specific and problem solving

  • Help for your spooky horse
  • Build your confidence with guidance
  • Perfect practice makes perfect 

"Thank you for literally changing my life! Just a couple weeks ago, I thought that maybe I was crazy and waaaaaay over my head. Now, the feeling is completely different. I realize that Jack and I can do this with your help. Thank you! Keep up the great work and again, thank you so much for the affordability of your program! My life would be very, very different had I not found you!

Take care!
Kathy Ward
Retired Elementary School Teacher"



Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend The Movement online. I had always wanted to attend in person, but financially it wasn't possible. So I was very grateful this year that the lower ticket price made it possible for me to learn from Monty and all the other wonderful presenters. It was a dream come true for me and I loved every minute of the three days. I don't have a horse, I am just a horse lover and animal communication student. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I learned so much and also felt an emotional healing as I watched the horses throughout the event. I am very grateful for Monty, his family and all the presenters and how they shared their knowledge about horses and how to make their lives better

The Movement of your Heart and Soul

Incredibly honored to hear the wisdom and gentle soul of a great man at a great event! If you missed this- make sure you put it on your calendar for next year!

I thoroughly enjoyed this 2 day event. It was my first time experiencing Monty Roberts in person, and I appreciated the balance of topics between a deeper understanding of ourselves as humans, cultivating a healthier awareness and way of being with ourselves and one another, and our understanding and relationship with horses in service to the horses' health and quality of experience.

Inspired to grow and improve

Movement Weekend was everything I was looking forward to; inspirational, fun, informative, and beautiful. I enjoyed making new friends that care about the welfare of horses as much as I do. I practiced deep belly breathing with my horse today and using the dually halter. We had one of our best afternoons together. Thank you for giving me tools to grow and build a better horse/human relationship. I appreciate everyone who made the weekend so wonderful

Symposium The Movement

As a local SYValley Resident, I wanted to see Monty in action. I was so impressed by the warmth of everyone there and I was truly impressed by Monty’s horsemanship. I took away a clear understanding of things we do right on our ranch and furthermore deepened my love for my horses and our bond. Thank you so very much for your hospitality and your energy!

Cari P
Je'net K.
Nicole M.
Brooke S
Sandra J